2019-11-20 17:30:00

Abdullah Gül University Civil Engineering Department , were awarded by scientific projects supported by distinguished institutions.

Associate Professor Burak UZAL was awarded as the principal investigator of “Development of Eco-Efficient Superplasticizer Additives Obtained from Leonardite as a Natural Raw Material and Their Compatibility with Cement-based Systems" project which was supported by TÜBİTAK (1001). In the project, it is aimed to develop eco-efficient alternatives to be obtained from natural and domestic raw materials to highly water-reducing (superplasticizer) chemical additives, which have an important role in the sustainable development of today's concrete technology and whose use has become widespread. Even though all of the superplasticizer chemicals currently used are produced in our country, they require imported raw materials and are not considered as eco-efficient materials due to their high energy consumption. In the project to be realized, it is aimed to develop eco-efficient superplasticizer chemical additives for cement-based materials from leonardites as mineral-like raw materials with no calorific value around coal mining sites. In this way, it is predicted that the bringing of leonardites to the economy and making the raw materials required for the production of concrete chemical additives available from domestic sources.


Associate Professor Niğmet UZAL was awarded as the principal investigator of "Developing an Innovative Hybrid Membrane Process for Recovery of Energy, Nutrient and Water from Domestic Wastewater" project which was supported by TÜBİTAK (1001). The aim of the project is to develop a process that allows the reuse of wastewater, which is one of the alternative solutions to the problem of water shortage, supported by scientific data that our country will face in the very near future. It is a guiding project during the modification of existing wastewater plants or establishment of innovative plants. In this project, the developed processes to increase the benefit by maximizing the recovery of energy, nutrients and organic matter from domestic wastewater will not be burdened on the national economy. Significant contributions will be made to develop self-sufficient innovative treatment plants that can easily meet legal requirements.The innovative hybrid domestic wastewater treatment process, which will be developed and optimized, will guide the institutions and organizations (treatment and design companies, municipalities, research institutions and universities) that serving in the public or private sector. In addition, with the data obtained as a result of the project, it will serve as an example for the measures and practices to be planned in wastewater treatment plants that cannot be operated due to high energy costs for our country.

Assoc. Dr.Müge AKIN awarded as the principal investigatorof "Analysis of the Economic Effects of Natural Disasters with Multiple Decision Mechanisms", supported by UDAP; and was a researcher in the project titled "Evaluation of Organic Soils Improved by Modeling in Laboratory Environment with Different Methods based on Numerical Methods", with the support of TÜBİTAK (1001).