Kamil AYDIN, Professor

Ph.D.: North Carolina State University, Structures & Mechanics, Raleigh, NC, USA, 2000

Research Interests: Structural Mechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics, Structural Stability, Structural Engineering, Performance Analysis of Buildings, Soft Computing Techniques

E-mail: kamil.aydin@agu.edu.tr

Home Page: https://avesis.agu.edu.tr/kamil.aydin


Niğmet UZAL, Professor

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Environmental Engineering, 2007.

Research Interests: Membrane Separation Technology, Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control, Anaerobic Biotechnology

E-mail: nigmet.uzal@agu.edu.tr

Home Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/nigmet.uzal/



Ali Ersin DİNÇER, Associate Professor

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering, 2017.           

Research Interests: Fluid-structure interaction, Computational Fluid Dynamics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, simulation of fluid transients, waterhammer problem

E-mail: ersin.dincer@agu.edu.tr



Burak UZAL, Associate Professor

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering, 2007.

Research Interests: Advanced cementitious materials, eco-efficient concrete, mineral admixtures for concrete, lightweight concrete, high-performance concrete, micro and nano structure of cement-based materials 

E-mail: burak.uzal@agu.edu.tr

Home Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/burak.uzal/


Müge AKIN, Associate Professor

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Geological Engineering, 2009.           

University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Research Interests: Engineering geology/Geotechnical engineering- Seismic microzonation, Soil mechanics, Geotechnical earthquake engineering, Site investigation, Site response and Soil amplification, Soil and rock properties, Liquefaction, Seismic hazard analyses, Rocfall hazards, Numerical modeling, Geotechnical site characterization, Ground improvement techniques, Geographical Information System (GIS)-3-D modeling, Digitizing, Multi-Criteria Decision Analyses,                                                        overlay analyses.

                                                   E-mail: muge.akin@agu.edu.tr

                                                   Home Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/muge.akin/


Abdullah DEMİRAssistant Professor

Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering, 2017. 

Research Interests: Structural Mechanics, Structural Cable, Contact Mechanics, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Finite Element Method, Numerical Methods, Sloshing Effect

E-mail: abdullah.demir@agu.edu.tr



Cihan ÇİFTCİ, Assistant Professor

Ph.D.: University Of Massachusetts Amherst, Civil Engineering, 2012.

Research Interests: Earthqauke Engineering, Composite Structures, Steel Structures, FE Modeling, Computational Analysis of Randomness in Structural Mechanics, Monte-Carlo Simulations, Structural Reliability 

E-mail: cihan.ciftci@agu.edu.tr

Home Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/cihan.ciftci/


Halil İbrahim FEDAKARAssistant Professor

Ph.D.: Gaziantep University, Civil Engineering, 2016.           

Research Interests: Soil Mechanics, Transportation Geotechnics, Soil Stabilization, Fiber Reinforced Soils, Advanced Testing of Geomaterials, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Civil Engineering

E-mail: halilibrahim.fedakar@agu.edu.tr

Home Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/halilibrahim.fedakar/


Part Time Faculty Members


Dr. Levent SÜMER

Ph.D.: Boğaziçi University, Civil Engineering, 2017.

Research Interests: Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance, Corporate Finance, International Relations, Middle East Politics, Information Systems in Organizations, Re-Organization and Re-Structuring, Strategic Planning and Management, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Management, Business Development, Project Management, Project Controls, International Contracts Management, Risk Management, Planning and Cost Control Management, ERP Systems, Productivity

E-mail: leventsumer@gmail.com



Ph.D.: Erciyes Üniversitesi, İnşaat Müh., 2007.

Research Interests: Project Management