Research policy, objectives and strategy of the department


CE Department Research Policy is in accordance with the university research policies as given below.

  • To realize high quality and advanced research studies

  • To develop and apply transdisciplinary research culture.

  • To select applied research topics from areas that will highly contribute to society while taking into account local, regional, national, and global differences;

  • To make significant contributions to science and various sections of society using outcomes obtained by observing a balance between pure and applied research;


CE Department Research Strategy

  • Creating and continuously developing culture on Science, Technology and Innovation

  • Increase the number of activities that will increase the visibility of AGU CE in national and international scientific circles (conferences, symposiums, workshops, etc.)

  • It consists of blending AGU values ​​with the goals of the department, in line with the academic priorities determined within the framework of the strategic plan, producing value and transforming it into social benefit.

  • To make a high contribution to universal science and different segments of the society with the outputs obtained by maintaining the balance of basic research and applied research in research activities.