Dr. Ayşe GÜL

Research Interests: CO2 absorption, water treatment by adsorption and electrocoagulation

E-mail: ayse.gul@agu.edu.tr






Ph.D.: Middle East Technical University, Civil Engineering, 2018.

Research Interests: Structural Engineering, Fiber Concrete, Non-Linear Analysis of Structures

E-mail: eren.yagmur@agu.edu.tr





Ph.D.: Erciyes University, Civil Engineering, 2018.

Research Interests: Earthquake Engineeing, Structural Engineering

E-mail: hurmet.kucukgoncu@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page: http://aves.erciyes.edu.tr/hurmetkgoncu/



Res. Asst. Abdulkadir ÖZALP

Research Interests: Static and Dynamic Analysis of Structures, Structural Design, Collapse Mechanism of Structures and Plastic Analysis, Structural Performance, Risk Analysis and Fragility Curves, Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Image Processing

E-mail: abdulkadir.ozalp@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/abdulkadir.ozalp/



Res. Asst. Ersin ERDOĞAN

Research Interests: Geotechnical earthquake engineering

E-mail: ersin.erdogan@agu.edu.tr





Res. Asst. Hakan YALÇIN

Research Interests: Soil modeling by Plaxis, Pile foundations, Organic soils, Clay soils.

E-mail: hakan.yalcin@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/hakan.yalcin/




Res. Asst. Hediye YORULMAZ

Research Interests: Concrete technology, construction materials, structural mechanics.

E-mail: hediye.yorulmaz@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page:aves.agu.edu.tr/hediye.yorulmaz/




Res. Asst. Ömer DİLMEN

Research Interests: Water quality, remote sensing

E-mail: omer.dilmen@agu.edu.tr





Res. Asst. Sedat GÜLÇİMEN

Research Interests: Life Cycle Analysis, Energy Efficiency in Transportation, Sustainable Transportation

E-mail: sedat.gulcimen@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page: https://avesis.agu.edu.tr/sedat.gulcimen



Res. Asst. Serhat AKŞİT

Research Interests: Hydraulic structures, open channels, fishways.

E-mail: serhat.aksit@agu.edu.tr

Personal Page: aves.agu.edu.tr/serhat.aksit/