100% English Education      

            We care about our students to use English accurately, fluently and effectively so that they can follow the developments in the world and reach all kinds of information quickly and easily thanks to the advancing technology and information network. In addition, we enable our students to develop their engineering skills by effectively communicating during their internship and Erasmus activities, and they can gain the competence to carry out engineering studies abroad and work in international distinguished construction projects or academic positions when they graduate.

            3,5 Years of Education, 1 Term Workplace Experience

            Our undergraduate program has been reshaped as seven semesters (3.5 years) of university education and one semester workplace experience. During their undergraduate studies, students spend the entire semester outside the university in public and private institutions in the construction sector with the "Workplace Experience" course they will take in the spring semester of the fourth grade. This approach increases the opportunities to take part in potential job fields before graduation and continue their careers in companies or other organizations where they gained workplace experience after graduation.

            International Experienced Staff

            In order to ensure that our students receive Civil Engineering education with an innovative and active learning approach, we have qualified faculty members with international experience, some of whom work professionally in the construction sector.

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            Overseas Opportunities

            Our university, whose education language is English, encourages our students to gain experience abroad with various programs. This experience will positively affect their careers.

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            Opportunity to Work as a Scholar in Tübitak Supported R&D Projects

            Civil Engineering education has been prepared with a modern approach, has an education system that provides application skills in addition to theoretical knowledge, allows students who want to become scientists to work in new and modern laboratories and participate in research project teams. Besides, graduates can work in outstanding construction projects in an abroad that they can choose AGU Civil Engineering Department if they want to study in a department that provides competence and offers a quality education environment to students with fewer classes.

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            Applied Education, Learning By Doing

            Our department offers a more up-to-date and modern education that is focused on active learning with the opportunity of students to make projects and models with the help of new technology special education sets, laboratory sets and models, and that adopts an interactive education approach for their ability to communicate effectively with their professors. Thus, civil engineering education offers the following opportunities to its students in addition to a curriculum prepared with a modern approach and providing practical skills in addition to theoretical knowledge;

  • Having information about professional issues by seeing the applications of civil engineering in various fields  bytechnical trips made for educational purposes to qualified projects,
  • One-to-one learning experience by designing and doing with real-life contextual projects they will do, and the chance to participate in inter-university competitions,
  • Opportunity to work in new and modern laboratories and join research project teams for students who want to become scientists


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