Cihan Çiftçi, Principal Investigator, New Generation Wind Turbine Blade Prototype, KOSGEB: R&D and Innovation Support Program, 2020-2021. Budget: 60731 USD


Burak Uzal, Principle Researcher, Development of Eco-Efficient Superplasticizers by Using Leonardite as a Natural Raw Material and Their Compatibility with Cementitous Systems”, TUBITAK 1001 (119M523), 2019-On going, Budget: 101095 USD, Partners: Dr. Serhan İlkentapar (Erciyes University, Department of Civil Engineering), Dr. Erkan Yılmaz (Erciyes University, Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences)


Burak Uzal, Researcher, “New Generation Multifunctional Photocatalytic Cement Based Binders Developed by Multi-scale Design Approach”, TUBITAK 1001 (118M917), 2018 – On going, Partners: Dr. Mustafa Şahmaran (Hacettepe University, Department of Civil Engineering)


Muge Akın, Researcher, Evaluation of Improved Organic Soils Dependent on Numerical Methods by Modeling in Laboratory Environment by Different Methods, TUBITAK (119M974), 2020-Ongoing,  Partners: Erciyes University


Muge Akın, Principal Investigator, Examination of Economic Effects of Natural Disasters with Multiple Decision Mechanisms, Disaster&Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD-UDAP), 2019-Ongoing,  Budget: 6849 USD, Partners: METU, TED University


Muge Akın, Researcher, Evaluation of the Relationship between Welding Degree and the Shape of Lithic Fragment for Ignimbrites. Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University BAP Scientific project, Project No: BAP18F25, 2018-Ongoing, Partners: Nevsehir Haci Bektas Veli University


Nigmet Uzal, Principal Investigator, Development of an Innovative Hybrid Membrane Process for Energy, Nutrient and Water Recovery from Domestic Wastewater, TUBİTAK 1001 (119Y134), 2020-2022 Budget: 114741 USD, Partners: Atatürk University and Erciyes University


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Development of Innovative Advanced Treatment Methods for Modeling and Removal of Pesticide Transport to Konya Altınapa Dam, TUBİTAK 1001 (118Y402), 2019-2022 Partners: Yıldız Technical University and Süleyman Demirel University




Burak Uzal, Researcher, “Design and Examination of New Generation Rapid Hardening Repair Mortars”, TUBITAK 1002 (119M159), 2019-2020. Partners: Dr. Ülkü Sultan Keskin (Konya Technical University).


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Point and Diffuse Pollution Resources Management in Yeşilırmak Basin , TUBİTAK 1003, 2016-2020


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2019,    Numerical Simulation of the Penstocks of Göynük Thermal Power Plant for Transient Flows – Middle East Technical University, Aksa Enerji Researcher.


Muge Akın, Researcher, 2019, Determining the relationship between the pressiometer data and the preconsolidation pressure of clayey soils in the Van Yuzuncu Yil University settlement area. YYU BAP Scientific project, Project No: FBA-2017-6347.


Nigmet Uzal, PI, Sustainable Energy Generation with Thin Film Composite Membranes using Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) Process, TUBITAK 1001, 2016-2019


Muge Akın, Researcher, 3-Dimesional Analysis of Rockfalls in Cappadocia (Nevşehir) Region using Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and the Preparation of Rockfall Danger Zone Maps. Disaster&Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD-UDAP), UDAP-G-16-03, 2016-2020.


Muge Akın, Researcher, 2016, Controlling of jet grouting application by geophysical techniques: Example of Ercis Water Treatment Plant, YYU BAP Scientific project.


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2017-2017, Experimental investigation of peak pressures created on pipe elements by a mass of liquid which suddenly moves under pressure in an empty pipeline. Middle East Technical University, Scientific Research Project, Project Code: BAP-03– 03-2017-002. Researcher.


Burak Uzal, Researcher, “Investigation of Parameters Affecting Geopolymeric Activity of Natural Zeolites”, TUBITAK 3501 2015-. 2017.


Kamil Aydın, Executive, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Relation between Weak Story and Soft Story Mechanisms, Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2015-2016


Cihan Ciftci, Project Researcher, “Structural Health Monitoring for Buildings with Low Energy Wireless Network Systems “, Tubitak-1505 Project, No: 5140062, 2015-2017.


Cihan Ciftci, Project Researcher, “In the Footsteps of Mimar Sinan: Restoration and Improving Stone Working Education/949“, European Union, No: 133086/M/ACT/TR/949, 2014-2015.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2015, Evaluation of the liquefaction potential of Erciş (Van) settlement using various methods, YYU BAP Scientific project no: 2014-HIZ-MİM.167, Van.


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2014-2015 Kaleköy Dam and Hydropower Plant Spillway Hydraulic Model Studies. Researcher.


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2014-2014 İncir Dam and Hydropower Plant Hydraulic Model Studies 2013. Researcher.


Muge Akın, Researcher, 2015, Durability and performance evaluation of armourstones used in coastal protection structures around Lake Van. TUBITAK project, Project No: 114Y384.


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Determination of Priority Wastes in Aluminum Production Sector and Preparation of Integrated Waste Management System, TÜBİTAK, Project Coordinator: Assoc. Nuray Ateş, Project No: MAG 111R003, 2013-2015


Burak Uzal, Principle Researcher, “High Volume Natural Pozzolan Blended Cements Containing Nanoparticles: Properties, Hydration and Paste Microstructure”, TUBITAK 1001 (113M310), 2013 - 2015.


Kamil Aydın, Executive, Determination of Behavior of Coupled Shear Walls under Lateral Forces through Pushover Analysis, Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2013-2015


Kamil Aydın, Executive, A Novel Time Stepping Procedure for the Analysis of Structural Dynamic Problems, Project Supported by TUBITAK, 2013-2014


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2013-2014 Artvin Dam and Hydropower Plant Bottom Outlet Hydraulic Model Studies. 2013. Researcher.


Ali Ersin Dinçer, 2012-2013 Beyhan 1 Dam and Hydropower Plant Water Intake Hydraulic Model Studies. Researcher.


Burak Uzal, Principle Researcher, “Development of Finely Ground Alumino-Silicate Based High-Performance Natural Mineral Admixtures for use in Mortar and Concrete Mixtures”, KOSGEB R&D and Innovation Program, Kayseri, Turkey, 2011- 2013.


Kamil Aydın, Executive, Eigenfrequencies of Euler-Bernoulli Beams with Arbitrary Number of Cracks under Axial Loading, Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2011-2013


Muge AkınCoordinator, 2015, Preparation of Microzonation Maps and Determination of Geo-Engineering Properties under Static and Dynamic Conditions for Yuzuncu Yil University Campus Area, YYU BAP Scientific project no: 2011-YNL-MİM.01, Van.


Nigmet Uzal, PI, Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water by Polymer Complex Ultrafiltration Process ”, Niğde University BAP, Project No: FEB 22, 2010-2011.


Nigmet Uzal, PI, Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water with Micellar Complex Ultrafiltration Process, TUBİTAK, Project No: 111Y009, 2010-2011.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2010, Establishment of database on shear wave velocities in alluvial deposits of Erbaa (Tokat) and assessment of soil amplification for the settlement area, METU BAP Project.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2009, Investigations of Rockfall Problems Around Kastamonu Castle METU BAP project no: 2008-03-09-05.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2008, Investigation of Deterioration Mechanism of Some Travertines in Central Anatolia, Ankara University BAP Scientific project no: 20060745044.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2009, GIS-based microzonation of Erbaa-Tokat located on North Anatolian Fault Zone, TUBITAK, 2007-2009.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2008, Assessment of liquefaction potential of Erbaa settlement area in Kelkit Valley, METU BAP Scientific project, 2007-2008.


Muge Akın, Researcher, 2007-2009, Active Faults and Natural Hazards: Natural hazard risk analysis for the settlement areas in Kelkit Valley and establishment of natural hazard information system, State Planning Organization (Devlet Planlama Teskilati-DPT).


Nigmet Uzal, Project Scholar, Adaptation with European Union IPPC Directive in Textile Sector: BAT Applications, TÜBİTAK, ÇAYDAG-105Y088, 2005-2008.


Muge AkınResearcher, 2006, The assessment of rockfall hazard around Afyon Castle, METU BAP Scientific Research Project no: 2004-03-09-02, 28 p.


Muge Akın, Researcher, 2006, Assessment of durability criteria of the armourstone used in Mersin and Kumkuyu harbours based on their site performances, TUBITAK Project no: 104Y178, 2004-2006, 119p.


Burak Uzal, Researcher, “Use of Natural Zeolites in Building Industry”, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Proje No: 104M393, 2005-2007.


Kamil Aydın, Executive, Effect of Structural Members Made of Lightweight Aggregates on Lateral Behavior of RC Buildings, Project Supported by State Planning Agency (DPT), 2003-2005


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Recycling and Reuse of Indigo Dyeing Wastewater Using Membrane Technology, METU Scientific Research Project, BAP-08-11-DPT2002K120510-DK-5, 2002-2007.


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Use of Natural Zeolites in Prevention of Environmental Pollution, METU Scientific Research Project, BAP-2003-03-11-02, 2002-2004.


Nigmet Uzal, Researcher, Applications of Anaerobic Technologies in Industrial Wastewater Management, State Planning Organization Project, Project No: AFP-03-11DPT.98K122800, 1998-2001.