Our undergraduate program has been designed as seven semesters (3.5 years) of university education and one semester workplace experience. During their undergraduate studies, students spend the entire semester outside the university in public and private institutions in the construction sector with the "Workplace Experience" course they will take in the spring semester of the fourth grade. This approach increases the opportunities to take part in potential job fields before graduation and continue their careers in companies or other organizations where they gained workplace experience after graduation.

Some of the companies that our students have participated in the workplace experience and internship are listed below.

- Renaissance Holding

- Sera Group

- Limak Holding

- Daelim – Limak – SK - Yapı Merkezi Partnership

- TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Management Inc..

- Çimsa Cement Industry and Trade Inc.

- Oyak Concrete

- Akfen Construction

- Doğuş Construction

- Mefa Group

- Cengiz Construction