2022-04-26 12:22:00

A week of Active Learning Week (ALW) is held every semester throughout Abdullah Gül University (AGU). In this context, instructors conduct their lessons in a different way from traditional methods. On the occasion of the "Active Learning Week" in the Spring Semester of the 2021-2022 academic year, a technical trip was organized to the State Hydraulic Works (DSI) within the scope of the 3rd grade "CE 374-Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering" course of our department. 24 students and the teaching assistants participated in the trip on April 26, 2022 which was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Niğmet UZAL. The students, who participated in the trip, first visited the campus of the 12th Regional Directorate of DSI and received information about hydrological observations and measuring devices from Meteorology Engineer Ali Rıza KOÇ and Civil Engineer M.Sc. Ömer COŞKUN.

Afterwards, the students went to a gauging station on the Kızılırmak river in Kocasinan-Yemliha district with DSI Engineers and their assistant personnel and had the opportunity to learn about flow measurement methods in streams by hands-on applying.

The students who participated in the trip expressed their pleasure by stating that the theoretical knowledge they learned in the lessons is more memorable when they see it applied in practical life, and that such activities are motivating for them.